This year Sollice Biotech has launched a new cosmetic active anti-pollution and city-friendly: VITALISIS®

A differentiating and innovative positioning : City-Friendly

The positioning of VITALISIS® differs from the other detoxifying active ingredients on the market, which are mainly intended to combat pollution and act as a shield. VITALISIS® is an anti-pollution cosmetic ingredient that promotes the adaptation of our skin to allow it to preserve itself and keep all its radiance in an urban environment.


In the near future, more than 60% of the world’s population will live in cities. This population is exposed to excessive pollution that affects the whole body and our first line of defense, the skin. However, the majority of people appreciate this way of life and wish to enjoy it.

“We want to go for a walk, to have a drink on a terrace, to play sports… without having to think about the consequences for our skin.”

Our skin needs help to adapt to an urban lifestyle. VITALISIS® accompanies the skin throught a protective effect but also by restoring and reinforcing the natural cutaneous defenses. VITALISIS®brings the harmony to our skin.

Vitalisis positionning

A skin that breaths

A clinical study was conducted on 42 volunteers, aged 30 to 50 years, living in the city and having a dull complexion (21 VITALISIS® / 21 placebo).
The products were applied morning and evening following a careful washing of the face.

After a self-assessment based on the health of the skin and the detoxifying effect, the opinion of the users is unanimously very in favor of VITALISIS®.

“My skin is detoxified, my skin is purified, I feel a sensation of freshness, my skin is breathing”

Vitalisis clinical evaluation

VITALISIS® A dose of vitality to restore skin balance in urban life.

Pollution effect on the skin

Urban lifestyles result in disorders of skin physiology at multiple levels that result in sensitive skin and premature aging.

To demonstrate its beneficial effects, VITALISIS® has been tested for the expression of genes / proteins and on the modification of the appearance in different models of skin (cells, explants, in-vivo models) subjected to a series of stressors (UV, heavy metals, cigarette smoke and urban pollution). VITALISIS® is the result of 2 years of research that was conducted in collaboration with the SYNTIVIA research laboratory.

VITALISIS® adapts and protects the skin against the 5 alterations of pollution.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any request for information or samples. You will find some details on the page dedicated to VITALISIS®.

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