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A new approach for skin care products


Well-being / Longevity / Youth activator



Psycare, Soothing

Improving skin appearance is not the only concern today’s cosmetic users aim to address. Sollice Biotech has conducted a market study to analyze consumer expectations. The results show that users also value the way a cosmetic makes them feel in the short and long term after it’s been applied. This feeling is just as important to consumers as product efficacy.

In order to consistently help our professional clients improve their products to meet the evolving needs of customers, Sollice Biotech has designed and active ingredient that stimulates well-being.

An article on this cosmetic active for well-being has been published in Cosmetics and Toiletries by Dr Karl Lintner, who’s a member of the Sollice Biotech Scientific Board.
The article shows the importance of the well-being factor for cosmetics and includes the results of our clinical study that proves the ingredient’s efficacy.
Clotholine® is the first active ingredient for well-being with documented study results that show a quantified improvement of the sense of well-being in users.

Well-being, a long term asset for cosmetics

Studies show that endusers buy cosmetics for themselves to feel good, which was the main reason indicated by participants. Skin and hair care products therefore have a dual dimension, which is both practical and emotional. The latter has the most influence on consumers to purchase a specific cosmetic. Taking care of oneself to make yourself feel good by using efficient products that increase the sense of well-being.

long term benefits

The hedonistic side of cosmetic use is already measurable after the first application but the psychological benefits of a cosmetic active require a long-term study.

This notion of durability is highly interesting for our professional clients, as the notion of well-being is an asset to help retain customers.

In addition to the traditional anti-aging claims, customers can now also derive an added benefit from their skin care products: happiness.


Well-being / Longevity / Youth activator

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