skin radiance



CLOTHOLINE® stimulates skin cell longevity by activating the Klotho protein, which is known as the “youth protein”.

Klotho is drawing increasing interest from cosmetic R&D departments and has enabled a better understanding of the aging process.

By increasing the expression of Klotho in skin cells, CLOTHOLINE® allows to preserve the skin from the natural aging process.
Skin firmness is maintained and skin tone becomes more harmonious and radiant. Users who apply CLOTHOLINE® over a longer period also report an increased sense of well-being.

CLOTHOLINE® is the first cosmetic ingredient to provide a quantified sense of well-being to users.


Well-being / Skin radiance / Anti-aging


Cornflower Centaurea cyanus
or Extraction or Green synthesis

inci (active)

CLOTHOLINE® LV : Centaurea cyanus flower extract, methylpropanediol. UL Prospector.

CLOTHOLINE® Green (COSMOS approved) : Centaurea cyanus flower extract, pentylene glycol, glycerin. UL Prospector.

CLOTHOLINE® BG : Coumaroyl Methoxytryptamine, Butylene Glycol

biological activity

Activates the Klotho youth protein
Controls cell renewal
Increases skin cell longevity
Maintains the synthesis of Collagen I and Elastin
Regulates inflammation mediators

clinical efficacy

Increases the sense of well-being
Harmonizes skin tone
Increases skin radiance
Restructures skin
Maintains skin firmness

Clotholine® Green is a raw material verified by ECOCERT Greenlife , conform to the COSMOS Standard.

Cosmetic tips & tricks


Incorporate at the end of the formula (T° < 40°c)
Very easy to incorporate
pH 5-7
Recommended dose: 1%


Translucent liquid
Slightly yellow to amber


Facial care
Body care

CLOTHOLINE® is a multi-active ingredient that supports strong cosmetic claims.


skin radiance



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