LUCEMINE® is a vitamine C derivative with brightening effect on pigmented skin

Vitamin C prevents skin melanization, which leads to pigment spots but is unstable in cosmetic formulation.

Vitamin C is very sensitive to oxidation that is caused by heat, air, light or even metal. It’s easily degraded, especially when used in cosmetics. Vitamine C rarely has the occasion to show its depigmenting properties due to its rapid degradation when applied to the skin’s surface.

LUCEMINE® optimises the brightening effect of Vitamin C by solving its structural instability.




Vitamin C derivative

inci (active)

3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid. UL Prospector.

biological activity

Inhibits melanin biosynthesis
Inhibits melanogenesis at a cellular level
Inhibits the polymerisation of melanin monomers

clinical efficacy

Reduces skin pigmentation by 54% in 3 months
Reduces the number of pigment spots by  61% in 3 months


cosmetic tips & tricks


Incorporate at the end of the formula (T°< 40°c)
Very easy to incorporate
pH lower than 4.5
Recommended dose : 1-2%


White crystalline powder


Facial care
Body care


LUCEMINE® greatly reduces the pigmentation of the skin from the first month of use

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