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MILLESIS® restores the balance and corrects age-related physiological processes

Skin aging is induced by a range of simultaneous physiological phenomena:

As the skin barrier becomes weaker, the skin becomes drier, which entails skin dehydration. The dermis also becomes thinner because the production of extracellular matrix compounds slows down. Moreover, skin integrity is compromized due to a loss in cellular cohesion.

MILLESIS® is a rejuvenating active ingredient that was inspired by nature. It revives biological functions and restores the skin in depth.


Anti-aging (Mature skin)


Biomimetic, inspired by Cornflower Indoles
Eco-friendly green synthesis

inci (active)

MILLESIS® BG : Caffeoyl Methoxytryptamin, Butylene Glycol. UL Prospector.

MILLESIS® MPD : Caffeoyl Methoxytryptamin, Methylpropanediol. UL Prospector.

biological activity

Revives the expression of genes that are less present in the cells of mature skin:

  • Biosynthesis pathway of oestrogens
  • Barrier function
  • Adhesion
  • Antioxidant defenses
  • Synthesis of the extracellular matrix

Targets the structural molecules of the dermis
Stimulates dermis-epidermis cohesion
Protects against UV-induced skin dammage


cosmetic tips & tricks


Very easy to incorporate
Incorporate at the end of the formula (Temperature below 40°c)
pH 5-7
Recommended dose: 1%


Slightly yellow to amber translucent liquid


Facial care
Eye contour
Sunscreen products




MILLESIS® wakes up mature skins.

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