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skin radiance

OLEOLINE®, a unique ingredient to protect and moisturize the skin.

OLEOLINE® is a cosmetic active ingredient derived from sterols purified from lanolin refining products.

Developed in partnership with Stella, OLEOLINE® is the result of a unique process that combines the fatty alcohols from Lanolin with a derivative of Ricinoleic acid, known for its soothing properties.
Formulated with Lanolin oil, OLEOLINE® benefits from the moisturizing properties of this leading cosmetic and parapharmaceutical ingredient, used since ancient times for skin care.

OLEOLINE® is a unique ingredient that helps protect fragile skin.

Mouton bien être animal

A virtuous approach.

The sheep’s wool grease that enables us to separate the raw materials needed to create OLEOLINE® is obtained in a totally respectful way. Sheep shearing, essential for the animal’s well-being, is carried out in a totally safe way. Animal welfare is a priority here.
Sheep are raised in freedom in the immense green territories of New Zealand.

OLEOLINE® is manufactured in France, from upcycled co-products of lanolin refining.

Our purification process produces a snow-white, wax-like substance with a very light texture. The wax is diluted in oil to be perfectly compatible with all types of cosmetic formulas.


Moisturizing / Anti-aging / Detoxifying


Mix of lanolin esters and lanolin oil


C10-30 Cholesterol Lanosterol esters, Lanolin oil

biological activity

Activates the skin’s antioxidant defenses
Protects DNA

clinical efficacy

Activates skin detoxification enzymes
Limits vascular lesions
Reduces UV-induced pigmentation spots

Animal wellfare, crualty free

Cosmetic tips & tricks


Incorporate into oil phase (T°<30°C)
pH 4-7
Recommended dose: 1%


Slightly yellow translucent liquid


Facial care
Body Care

OLEOLINE®, an oily ingredient, a pure product of upcycling, to improve skin comfort.





skin radiance

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