Nourishing / Silky hair


SILK AMINO® contains silk amino acids that are obtained by completely hydrolyzing pure silk fibers

Amino acids are essential to maintain cellular function and renewal.

SILK AMINO® is a natural source of glycin, alanin, serin and tyrosin. As its chemical composition is very close to the composition of skin and hair, this ingredient provides an excellent source of essential nutrients.
SILK AMINO® is a powerful moisturizer. Amino acids have a low molecular weight, which enables them to easily penetrate skin and hair and provide hydration and in-depth nutrients.

SILK AMINO® prevents both skin and hair from dehydration


Coating effect on hair
Silky hair


Silk fibers

inci (active)

Silk Amino Acids

in formula

Silky texture
Excellent absorption

cosmetic tips & tricks


Incorporate at the end of the formula (T°< 40°c)
Compatible with all types of emulsions
Completely soluble in water
pH 4-7
Recommended dose: 1-5%


Ivory to beige-colored powder


Facial care
Body care
Hair care


SILK AMINO® adds a velvety feel to cosmetic formulas

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