SILK CRYSTAL® associated with gold flakes for maximum cosmetic benefit

SILK CRYSTAL® GOLD FLAKES COMPLEX contains pure 24-carat gold flakes.

SILK CRYSTAL® GOLD COMPLEX uses colloidal gold nanoparticles.

SILK CRYSTAL® maintains the benefits of silk to rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

Silk Fibroin is a protein found in natural silk that offers soothing and antioxidant cosmetic benefits. Our patented enzymatic process allows us to maintain this protein in a microporous structure: SILK CRYSTAL®.

The association of SILK CRYSTAL® and gold maximizes antioxidant effects and boosts UV protection.

The precious combination of SILK CRYSTAL® with gold flakes adds a luxurious touch to your cosmetic formula.

SILK CRYSTAL® GOLD FLAKES COMPLEX brings instant shine to improve skin radiance.

Colloidal gold inhibits the generation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and traps free radicals, which degrade skin components.

Integrating gold in SILK CRYSTAL® GOLD COMPLEX therefore increases the antioxidant power of silk.


Anti-age (Mature skin)
Lifting effect
Mattifying effect
UV filter booster


Silk Fibroin extracted from natural silk via an enzymatic process and pure 24-carat Gold

inci (active)

Fibroin, Gold

Biological activity

Inhibits Collagenase expression
Reactivates Collagen I synthesis
Inhibits fibroblast senescence
Antioxidant (GOLD COMPLEX)

clinical efficacy

In cream form: Reduces wrinkles up to 25%

Cosmetic tips & tricks


Incorporate at the end of the formula
Easy to incorporate
pH 4-7
Recommended dose: 1-5%


  • SILK CRYSTAL® GOLD FLAKES COMPLEX : White to slightly ivory opal gel with a dispersion of tiny gold flakes
  • SILK CRYSTAL® GOLD COMPLEX : Pink to wine-colored gel (gold microparticles)


Facial care
Body care
Eye contour

Sunscreen products



SILK CRYSTAL® GOLD COMPLEXES are perfect for luxury cosmetic ranges

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