SILKGEL®-FX sublimates your formulas
by giving them the softness of silk

Silk has been used for centuries for its extraordinary properties. It brings natural radiance and a pleasant feel to the skin.

SILKgel®-FX is a functional ingredient that enhances skin and silk compatibility.

SILKgel®-FX is a gel that is composed of Silk Fibroin microstructures. Fibroin is a silk protein that is highly compatible with water, oleaginous compounds and skin. Contrary to the silk derivatives that are commonly used in skin care products, SILKgel®-FX preserves the properties of silk proteins.

Thanks to its specific structure, SILKGEL®-FX is very easy to use in a formula and compatible with all types of ingredients


Texturizing agent
UV filter booster


Silk fibers

inci (active)


in formula

Retains 95% of its weight in water
Absorbs oleaginous compounds without emulsifier
Easy to formulate
Good substitute for silicones
Absorbs UV rays
Boosts UV filtration

Perfectly replaces silicones

Cosmetic tips & tricks


Incorporate at the end of the formula
T° < 40°c
Easy to incorporate
pH 4-7
Recommended dose: 1-20%


White to slightly ivory opaline gel


Facial care
Body care
Eye contour
Sunscreen products
Hair care

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