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Sollice Biotech offers a cosmetic active ingredient dedicated to the longevity of skin cells and well-being. CLOTHOLINE® activates the synthesis of the Klotho protein, also known as "youth protein".

The Klotho protein is of great interest to the scientific community, which has been studying its many beneficial effects on the prevention of ageing for several years. This protein takes its name from the Greek goddess Clotho, “the Spinner”, who was in charge of weaving the thread of life. Klotho controls cell metabolism increases resistance to oxidative stress and delays senescence.


Klotho protein benefits

The Klotho protein is involved in many essential cellular functions. Its actions lead to the protection and increase of cell viability. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of the Klotho protein in humans.


Klotho guarantees longevity

Originally, Klotho was identified as a suppressor of aging. A mutation in the Klotho gene (KL) has been associated with premature aging (1). This discovery generated a keen interest that led to an advanced understanding of the aging process.

The overexpression of Klotho promotes an extension of the life span (2). It is partly within stem cells that the protein seems to act by regulating the length of telomeres and telomerase activity in stem cells (3).

Klotho boosts defences against stress

Klotho is able to activate antioxidant defenses to effectively fight external stress (4, 5). Klotho thus protects the mitochondria and protects organisms from cell death (6). It also has an anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic effect (7). Faced with cigarette-induced stress, Klotho protects cells through the regulation of autophagy (8).

Klotho is a formidable weapon to fight against all types of stress.

Did you know that?

It has been shown that physical exercise induces an increase in the amount of Klotho protein in human serum (17).

Klotho blocks the metabolic pathways of aging

Klotho helps to combat aging (9). The protein acts through the inhibition of insulin and WNT signaling pathways. Through this action, Klotho allows target transcription factors to regulate the genes involved in cellular detoxification and anti-senescence (10). Its role in strengthening mitochondrial function is also an asset.

Its beneficial involvement in many physiological pathways involved in maintaining homeostasis also makes Klotho a tumor suppressor (11).

Klotho improves cognitive function

Klotho is expressed in the brain. An increase in protein level seems to have beneficial effects on cognitive function (12). As a neuroprotective protein, Klotho would protect against the onset or progression of cognitive deficits associated with aging (13, 14).

Klotho is of major interest in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases and senile depression (15).

Klotho as a remedy for depression

A study provided the first evidence of the link between the amount of Klotho detected in humans and chronic stress. Indeed, the serum of people subjected to a high level of stress is less rich in Klotho protein than people subjected to a low level of stress. Klotho thus represents a therapeutic approach to reduce the effects of stress on health and well-being (16).

Klotho is a protein of the future, essential for proper cellular functioning. Through its mechanisms of action, Klotho helps to combat aging.


CLOTHOLINE®, a revolutionary cosmetic active ingredient developed by SOLLICE BIOTECH, strongly increases the expression of the Klotho protein in skin cells. CLOTHOLINE® thus protects the skin from ageing and provides a feeling of well-being.

Klotho protein activated by Clotholine
Mechanism of action of CLOTHOLINE®: CLOTHOLINE® activates the expression of the Klotho gene and the production of Klotho protein. The protein inhibits the cellular pathways of oxidative stress and senescence. This helps to maintain the skin's structure and prevent aging.

CLOTHOLINE® is derived from the blueberry flower Centaurea cyanus which contains a molecule that activates the expression of the Klotho protein, Centcyamine. CLOTHOLINE® thus promotes skin longevity. In vitro and in vivo studies were conducted to evaluate the effects of CLOTHOLINE® on skin aging and well-being.

The tests reveal a global control of cellular activity and maintenance of dermis matrix metabolism. CLOTHOLINE® helps to increase cell life and protects against senescence by activating the expression of the KL gene and Klotho protein in dermal fibroblasts. In parallel, the synthesis of Collagen I and Elastin is preserved. Finally, CLOTHOLINE® prevents irritation by limiting the expression of inflammation mediators.

Clotholine proliferation control
Proliferation control: Dermal Fibroblast doubling time measured during 2 months of treatment in the presence or absence of CLOTHOLINE®.
Clotholine Collagen
Clotholine Elastin
Expression of Collagen I and Elastin measured after 2 months of treatment of pre-senent cells in the presence of CLOTHOLINE® compared with young cells.

CLOTHOLINE® preserves cell youth and maintains the synthesis of Collagen I and Elastin.


Clinical tests have shown an improvement in the appearance of the skin. Daily use of CLOTHOLINE® for 2 months improves the homogeneity and radiance of the complexion, reduces redness and restructures the skin’s micro-relief.. By promoting cell longevity, it maintains the firmness of the skin that deteriorates without this treatment.

CLOTHOLINE® also improves the feeling of well-being. For the first time, an improvement in user well-being is revealed and quantified for an active ingredient.

In 2016, Karl Lintner (PhD) published an article in the Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine on the evolution of the cosmetic market toward well-being.

Reduction of red spots
Homogeneity and radiance of the complexion
Restructuring effect
Maintaining firmness

60 panelists completed a “Quality of Life/Well-being (EMMBEP) Scale for Measuring Manifestations of Psychological Well-Being” questionnaire (18). Based on the answers, we analyzed the evolution of the criteria of general well-being, happiness, stability, commitment and self-control. The sum of the score variations is shown in the diagram below.

Clotholine Bien Etre

According to the results of this study, volunteers using CLOTHOLINE® feel happier, more engaged, peaceful and stable in society. They also feel an improved general wellbeing.

+ 35%
+ 76%
+ 166%
+ 63%
+ 13%
+ 35%
+ 76%
+ 166%
+ 63%
+ 13%

“Wellness improvement first revealed with a cosmetic active ingredient”

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