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Huile essentielle de lavande

Fine lavender essential oil is a star in natural cosmetics.

Aware of its customers' need for naturalness, Sollice Biotech has gone to the heart of French Provence to find the best quality organic fine lavender essential oil.
Discover the origin and the virtues of this high quality product.


Fine lavender is grown in the heart of Provence, without pesticides, by passionate producers. The beauty of the lavender fields of Provence is famous throughout the world. Lavender flowers from July to September. Once the flowers have matured, they can be harvested for the production of essential oil.

The lavender is harvested using a tractor equipped with a specially developed device. Curved metal bars ‘brush’ the lavender to chase away the bees that forage on the flowers, before the blades cut the stems. In this way, the harvest spares the bees and other essential pollinating insects that make up the ecosystem of lavender fields.

The cut stems are then assembled in small bundles and collected in a container.

The lavender has to be dried before distillation to remove some of the water from the plant. The drying process takes about 2 days and ensures the quality of the essential oil.

After extraction of the essential oil, the lavender bales are used as compost for soil fertilisation.

Champ huile essentielle de lavande
Récolte huile essentielle de lavande

Artisanal distillation process

Distillation process essential oil
Distillation process of the fine lavender essential oil - Copyright Sollice Biotech

The essential oil is extracted by steam distillation. The bales of lavender (consisting of the stems and flowers) are brought to the distillery and placed in a large distillation tank called a “vase”. The bottom of the vase is screened and connected to a boiler that produces steam. The bundles of lavender must be arranged in such a way as to leave as little space as possible in the vase, so that the steam passes through the flowers evenly and does not find its way around. This technique guarantees the concentration of the essential oil. Once the boiler is ready, steam is sent into the vase to heat the lavender and extract its essential oil in the form of steam.

The mixture of water vapour and essential oil in a gaseous state then passes through a condensation circuit consisting of a coil sprinkled with water, which transforms it into a liquid state. It is then poured into an “essencier” to decant. The essential oil is not miscible with water, so it is placed on top of the distillation water. The essential oil of fine lavender is thus obtained in the essencier: the essential oil of fine lavender on the top, the hydrolat or floral water underneath.

By a system of reversed funnel, the essential oil overflows in the higher compartment of the essencier and the hydrolat remains in the lower compartment.








Fine lavender essential oil in cosmetics

Fine lavender essential oil is known for its soothing and repairing properties. It brings softness to irritated skin and can be used in the composition of an aftershave or an after-sun treatment. Its delicate, floral fragrance is particularly appreciated in cosmetic formulas.

Also, fine lavender essential oil helps reduce the appearance of pimples and acne, and soothes itching associated with insect bites.

Huile essentielle lavande cosmétique
Lavender essential oil in the amber bottle, with fresh lavender flower heads.

Technical information:

  • INCI : Lavandula Angustifolia essential oil
  • 2 references available:

Organic Fine Lavender Essential Oil

Organic Fine Lavender Essential Oil – AOP (geographical certification allowing to use the mention “from Provence” on the finished products)

  • In formulation: up to 2%
  • Aspect : colourless to slightly yellow liquid, characteristic floral smell
  • 100% Made in France
  • COSMOS certified

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