The conformity of Sollice Biotech's packaging and manufacturing processes with the COSMOS standard is certified by ECOCERT® Greenlife.

A European standard with strong principles

COSMOS (COSmetic Organic Standard) is a guarantee of quality for cosmetic ingredients suppliers.

The guiding principles of the COSMOS standard are:

  • The promotion of the use of products from organic farming and respect for biodiversity,
  • The responsible use of natural resources and respect for the environment,
  • The use of clean manufacturing processes that respect human health and the environment,
  • The integration and development of the “green chemistry” concept.
COSMOS ECOCERT ingredient supplier

The standard covers all aspects of the sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and control of cosmetic products:

  • Origin and processing of ingredients,
  • Total composition of the product,
  • Storage, manufacturing and packaging,
  • Environmental management,
  • Labelling and communication,
  • Inspection, certification and control.

The COSMOS standard is becoming the most widely used standard in the world for organic and natural cosmetics. This is a guarantee of quality involving a system of strict procedures and allowing Sollice Biotech to distribute natural and organic ingredients.

Did you know that ?

The natural cosmetics market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach $54,5 billion by 2027 worldwide (Future Market Insights). This growth is fuelled by growing consumer concerns about the composition of cosmetic products, the spread of the benefits of natural ingredients and the growing importance of the ethical dimension in consumption patterns. According to Future Market Insights, sales of natural cosmetics are expected to account for more than two-thirds of global sales in 2019.

At Sollice Biotech, we use our knowledge of the market and cosmetic trends to adapt our activity and respond finely to the requirements of our customers. The quality system of our site is an integral part of our laboratory’s continuous improvement policy. A specific process has been developed for all our COSMOS certified ingredients. In addition, our laboratory is involved in the ISO 22716 (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification process, for which we already follow the guidelines.

Natural cosmetics market

Sollice Biotech is proud to be recognized for the quality of its offer and positions itself as a trusted partner for its customers around the world. ECOCERT® Greenlife certifies the conformity of our processes and certifies our products according to the COSMOS standard.

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