At Sollice Biotech, we are conscious of our environmental impact and new consumer habits. As part of the continuous improvement of the quality of our ingredients, we have chosen EVE Vegan (official Vegan certification body) to certify a large part of our cosmetic ingredient range.

ingrédients cosmétiques vegan

Why vegan cosmetic ingredients?

The vegan trend is becoming more and more important in consumers’ daily lives. An increasing number is adopting this lifestyle in their diet and transposing it to their use of other everyday products, such as cosmetics. Testing of cosmetic products on animals has been banned in Europe since 2013, and we follow this regulation to the letter with the use of alternative models (human cells in culture, human skin explants, clinical tests on volunteers) in the development of all our ingredients. We go even further, since the entire value chain up to the marketing of ingredients does not use any products of animal origin. The majority of the ingredients we propose are not of animal origin, so we have mandated EVE Vegan to certify the references concerned and officially propose vegan cosmetic ingredients to our customers.

“A vegan product is free of any substance of animal origin, having used technical agents of animal origin and not having been tested in any way on them. The manufacture of an explicitly vegan product requires the exclusion, as far as possible, of any form of participation in the animal trade from formulation to packaging”. – Source: France Vegan.







certification Criteria

EVE Vegan is known to be one of the most rigorous in its certification protocol. We started with a documentary phase by providing the complete technical, regulatory and scientific documentation of our ingredients to be certified. We have demonstrated that each ingredient submitted for certification :

  • Is free of any substance of animal origin
  • Does not use any technical agents of animal origin
  • Hasn’t been tested in any way on animals

After a detailed review, we have been audited to provide evidence of the compliance of our premises:

  • Cleanliness
  • Storage
  • Traceability
  • Internal processes







The documents provided and the audit having been judged very satisfactory, we are pleased to announce that the following references of Sollice Biotech are now certified Vegan 01 by EVE Vegan :

vegan certified ingredients


Polyactive, Healthy skin


Well-being, longevity, youth activator


Anti-aging, Soothing






Powerful moisturizer, anti-wrinkle


“City Friendly”, Detoxifying

Our vegan cosmetic ingredients can be used in a variety of formulations, allowing our customers to create new product lines that respect animal welfare and the environment, and meet the expectations of end users.

Sollice Biotech Vegan

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